IHI incorporated falsified data for jet engine tests: Civil Aviation Bureau

For eight years, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. used a system incorporating falsified data to test aircraft engines, the Tokyo Regional Civil Aviation Bureau alleged Tuesday.

Officials said the bureau had summoned IHI President Mototsugu Ito and handed him a written demand that the company improve its practices.

“This is the bureau’s severest disciplinary action,” one of the officials said. “Intentional falsification of data is a serious problem.”

The bureau, which operates under the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry, uncovered the data falsification on the basis of information provided by a whistle-blower last March, the officials said.

Before the testing system at IHI’s aircraft engine maintenance plant in Tokyo was authorized in 1996 to test a new jet engine, IHI found abnormal readings indicated by the system and falsified the data of the system itself to produce normal readings, they said.

In the eight years since the system was authorized, the system has been used to test 201 overhauled aircraft engines delivered to 13 Japanese and foreign air carriers.