Guidelines set revolving doors’ speed

A government panel established guidelines Tuesday to ensure the safety of automatic revolving doors — including limiting their operating speed — following a fatal accident in March, panel members said.

Sensors must be set to prevent children from running through revolving doors according to the 21-member panel of experts at the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry.

Automatic sliding doors should be located close to revolving doors.

The maximum speed of rotating doors should be 65 cm per second, slower than the 75 cm per second standard in Britain and 92 cm per second in the U.S.

The revolving doors’ speed should also be reduced to 35 cm per second when elderly or disabled people are passing through them, the panel said.

The guidelines outline safety measures for the installation, management and maintenance stages.

They also call for security guards to stand at the doors to deal with a large number of users and for all accidents to be reported to both the door manufacturers and prefectural governments.

New revolving doors should not be installed until the safety standards in the guidelines are met, the panel said.

It says building managers must try their best to set slower rotating speeds for doors already operating until measures to comply with the guidelines are in place.