Subway shooter escaped by train

A 64-year-old man arrested over the shooting of a Tokyo subway worker told police he had escaped by train after the incident, investigative sources said Sunday.

Tokuhisa Kumagai, who turned himself in at the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department on Saturday, told police he got away from the site by jumping on a train and was wearing a baseball cap.

Kumagai was carrying a .38 caliber revolver, the same type of gun used in Wednesday’s shooting at Shibuya Station, and was arrested for violating the firearms control law.

He allegedly told police he was responsible for the shooting. He also reportedly said he was trying to steal money and threw away the paper bag he snatched from the subway worker.

The sources said Kumagai is highly likely to be the man who fired at the Metro employee, as witnesses said the suspect wore a baseball cap.

Earlier, police had said they were still investigating the case, however, due to discrepancies between the man’s appearance and the description of the assailant provided by witnesses.

The subway worker, Shigeo Nishioka, 32, was shot just before 9 a.m. Wednesday in an underground station passage.