Tanaka denied voter registration in Nagano village


A local court Thursday endorsed a demand by five residents of the city of Nagano to void Nagano Gov. Yasuo Tanaka’s voter registration in a remote village in the prefecture, dealing a blow to him in a dispute over his domicile transfer.

The maverick, reformist governor transferred his domicile registration from the city of Nagano to Yasuoka on Sept. 26. He said he wanted to pay tax to the village he admires for its welfare programs.

Yasuoka, a mountain village with a population of around 2,100, is located some 150 km south of the prefectural capital.

Yasuoka officials put Tanaka’s name on its register of voters in March, but Nagano City Hall rejected the transfer and retained his voter registration.

The court determined he stayed in the village for seven days between Sept. 26 and March, when voter registration was completed with the village.