Swiss M.D. honored for A-bomb aid


A ceremony was held Sunday in memory of the late Marcel Junod, a Swiss doctor who helped treat victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II.

Junod’s eldest son, Benoit Junod, 58, attended the ceremony at Peace Memorial Park, and said his father wanted nuclear weapons to be abolished after seeing the effects of the atomic bomb.

The late Junod, who was born in 1904 and died in 1961, came to Hiroshima as chief delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross a month after the United States dropped the atomic bomb on the city on Aug. 6, 1945.

He arranged for 15 tons of medical supplies to be sent to Hiroshima, and he himself treated bomb victims.

The Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association and the Hiroshima branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society have been holding a memorial ceremony for Junod every year around June 16, the date of his death.