Dec 9, 2014

Rengo to offer counseling on dangers of 'karoshi'

Labor experts at the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) will offer two days of telephone counseling starting Wednesday to help workers struggling under heavy workloads. The chances of a worker falling victim to “karoshi,” or death from overwork, and having the fatality so recognized ...

Japan's young fret as unexpected recession kicks in

Nov 25, 2014

Japan's young fret as unexpected recession kicks in

by Elaine Kurtenbach

When Prime Minister Shinzo Abe responded to Japan’s surprise recession by delaying a sales-tax increase, it was a cause for worry, not celebration, for many young Japanese. This generation, barely aware of their country’s economic heyday, frets that putting off tough decisions now could ...

Life at Fukushima No. 1 gets manga treatment

Mar 26, 2014

Life at Fukushima No. 1 gets manga treatment

by Yuri Kageyama

First off, no one who works at Tepco’s wrecked nuclear plant calls it Fukushima “Dai-ichi,” comic book artist Kazuto Tatsuta says in his book about his time on the job. It’s “ichi efu,” or 1F. It’s not “hell on earth,” but a life filled ...

Feb 18, 2014

325,000 cancer patients still work

An estimated 325,000 people in Japan are working while undergoing cancer treatment, the health ministry said Monday. Based on a 2010 poll, the estimate was reported at a meeting of the ministry’s panel on support for working cancer sufferers. The total consists of some ...

Feb 6, 2014

Eight Japan staffing firms jointly recruit dispatch workers

Eight staffing agencies affiliated with major companies in different industries held a joint registration session for dispatch workers in Tokyo on Wednesday as part of cross-industry cooperation to secure manpower. Staffing agencies face shortages of workers due to an increase in the number of ...