Aug 6, 2014

Panel urges tougher penaties for stalking

An expert panel commissioned by the National Police Agency called Tuesday for tougher punishment on stalking, as well as a ban on loitering around victims and stalking behavior that uses social networking sites. Following the panel’s proposals made in a report, the NPA plans ...

Feb 28, 2014

SNS-linked crimes target more kids

A record number of children under 18 years old fell victim to crimes involving social networking services in 2013, the National Police Agency said in a report. The number of victims rose by 271, or 20 percent, from the previous year to 1,293, the ...

Prank pictures on SNS cause storm

Oct 1, 2013

Prank pictures on SNS cause storm


In a society where cleanliness is revered, a series of pictures showing unhygienic pranks involving food industry workers and customers has triggered a media storm after going viral on social-networking services. The posts reflect a broader trend among young Japanese Internet users for sharing ...

Facebook playing catch-up a year after flawed IPO

May 20, 2013

Facebook playing catch-up a year after flawed IPO

After a market debut marred by technical glitches and a deep dive in the company’s stock price, Facebook has spent the past year focused on its biggest weaknesses: how to make money and keep its more than 1 billion users tethered to the social ...