Japan panel proposes capping overtime at 720 hours a year

Feb 15, 2017

Japan panel proposes capping overtime at 720 hours a year

The secretariat of the government’s work reform council has put forward a draft plan to set the legal ceiling on overtime work at 720 hours a year, or 60 hours a month. The government is separately considering setting a monthly overtime limit at 100 ...

Jan 19, 2017

Dentsu taps Toshihiro Yamamoto as new president in wake of 'karoshi' case

Dentsu Inc. decided Thursday to promote Senior Vice President Toshihiro Yamamoto to president, replacing Tadashi Ishii who will step down to take responsibility for the overwork-related suicide of a young employee. Under the leadership of 58-year-old Yamamoto, effective Monday, Japan’s top advertising agency faces ...

Jan 18, 2017

Labor law violations detected at 6,659 firms across Japan last year

Some 6,659 businesses across Japan violated labor laws between April and September last year and were ordered to correct illegal practices, the labor ministry said Tuesday. The ministry’s labor standards supervision offices inspected more than 10,000 businesses suspected of forcing employees to work excessively ...