Jun 8, 2014

Magnitude-5.2 earthquake jolts Tohoku

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 jolted northeastern parts of Japan on Sunday afternoon, the Meteorological Agency reported. The quake struck at 2:24 p.m. at a depth of around 70 km on the southern coast of Iwate Prefecture, the agency said. In ...

Feb 23, 2014

Preparing for heavy snowfalls

Recent heavy snowfalls from the Kanto-Koshin region to Hokkaido show the vulnerability of areas in Japan that up to now have experienced little damage from snowstorms.

Frozen ideas slow snow response

| Feb 19, 2014

Frozen ideas slow snow response

Despite the record amounts of snow dumped chiefly over eastern Japan in the past several days, no emergency warnings were issued by the Meteorological Agency as it stuck rigidly to criteria it set last year.

Sep 21, 2013

Watching the weather

Japan's abnormal weather this summer, including tornadoes, demands that the Meteorological Agency be ready to issue more public warnings than has been customary.

Data show twisters form over Kanto in September

| Sep 5, 2013

Data show twisters form over Kanto in September

by Jun Hongo

Damage to people and property by tornadoes made headlines over the past week, with the latest in Tochigi Prefecture injuring three people while destroying houses and other buildings. Here are some questions and answers regarding twisters: Are twisters common in Japan? About 17 were ...

New system to warn of extreme weather

Aug 30, 2013

New system to warn of extreme weather

The Meteorological Agency introduced a new system Friday for issuing alerts for extreme weather that could become “life-threatening.” The new system applies to powerful typhoons, torrential rain, tsunami, high waves, blizzards and potentially destructive winds. The system incorporates existing alerts for 3-meter tsunami or ...

Heat wave continues to bake nation

Aug 13, 2013

Heat wave continues to bake nation

The severe heat wave continued Tuesday to engulf wide areas of Japan, with temperatures in one western city reaching 40 degrees for the fourth day in a row, the Meteorological Agency said. The city of Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, which on Monday logged the country’s ...

Jul 11, 2013

Get ready to be warned

Get ready to be warned. Beginning Aug. 30, Japan's Meteorological Agency will introduce a new "special warning" system for saving lives during a natural disaster.