/ Aug 20, 2015

Experimental MERS vaccine shows promise

An experimental vaccine against the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS, has shown promise when tested on lab monkeys, researchers said Wednesday. There are no approved vaccines against MERS, which is believed to originate in camels and began to sicken people in 2012, killing ...

Vaccine for MERS shows promise in animal tests

/ Jul 29, 2015

Vaccine for MERS shows promise in animal tests

Researchers in the United States trying to develop a vaccine against the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) virus say they have had early signs of success in animal experiments. Using a two-step approach in mice and rhesus macaques, scientists at the vaccine research center ...

/ Jul 28, 2015

Two suspected MERS cases being probed in northern England

Health officials were investigating two suspected cases of the Middle Eastern respiratory virus syndrome (MERS) on Monday at a hospital in northern England that briefly closed its emergency department. The two suspected patients at Manchester Royal Infirmary were placed in isolation, but there was no ...