/ Nov 25, 2016

IBM settles with Australia over failure of online census

Global technology giant IBM carried most of the blame for the crash of Australia’s online census three months ago and has compensated the government for the financial cost of the debacle, the prime minister said on Friday.Australia’s first attempt to conduct a census online ...

Need a ride? Your local 3-D printer can build this minibus

/ Jun 17, 2016

Need a ride? Your local 3-D printer can build this minibus

A new maker of self-driving vehicles burst onto the scene Thursday in partnership with IBM’s supercomputer platform Watson, and it is ready to roll right now.Arizona-based startup Local Motors is offering Olli, an electric minibus capable of carrying 12 people. It says the vehicle ...

IBM Watson computing technology learns Japanese

/ Aug 3, 2015

IBM Watson computing technology learns Japanese


The IBM Watson computing technology, which has helped organize massive data and has beaten champions on the “Jeopardy” TV show, is now learning Japanese.IBM Watson, a unit of the U.S. technology and consulting company, said Thursday it was working with telecommunications and robotics company ...

/ Feb 11, 2015

IBM brings Watson supercomputer to Japan via SoftBank

IBM announced plans Tuesday to bring its Watson supercomputer to Japan with mobile telecom group SoftBank, in a deal aimed at developing new applications for robotics and other services.“IBM is teaching Watson to speak, and think, in Japanese, one of most difficult languages for ...

/ Oct 21, 2014

U.S. stocks end higher despite drag from IBM

U.S. stocks ended higher on Monday on investor hopes for a strong earnings season, but IBM’s disappointing results limited gains.Earnings reports from Halliburton, Gannett Co., and others, helped ease the worries over global growth and falling commodity prices that last week helped drive stocks ...