Apr 28, 2016

Antibody holds promise in HIV treatment

Just one shot of a lab-produced antibody protected macaques against a sort of monkey HIV for nearly six months, said a study Wednesday into a potential vaccine alternative. Exposed to simian HIV (SHIV) once a week, nontreated monkeys contracted the virus after just three ...

Nov 29, 2015

AIDS activist finishes row across Atlantic

A New Yorker who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean for AIDS awareness has arrived home in Brooklyn, ending a 21-month journey. Victor Mooney arrived at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Friday and plans a ceremony at the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday, he said Saturday. ...

Charlie Sheen has HIV, aims to be role model

Nov 18, 2015

Charlie Sheen has HIV, aims to be role model

Actor Charlie Sheen, who declared Tuesday that he is HIV-positive, says his bad-boy days are over and he aims to become an inspiration to others. “My partying days are behind me,” Sheen said in an “open letter” posted online. “My philanthropic days are ahead ...