Kumamoto's Kumamon muscles in on quake fundraising

Apr 27, 2016

Kumamoto's Kumamon muscles in on quake fundraising

Prefectures hit by the recent quakes in Kyushu are relaxing controls on their popular mascots so that businesses and public sector entities can use them to raise funds for the victims. Kumamon, a black bear with rosy cheeks that promotes Kumamoto Prefecture, is in ...

Apr 30, 2015

Dentist group offices raided over donations to LDP lawmaker

Prosecutors raided a dentist group’s office in Tokyo on Thursday, amid allegations it exceeded political donation limits in its support of Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Midori Ishii. A special investigative arm of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office searched the office of the Japan ...

'Luckiest city' offers lottery tickets for donations

Dec 24, 2014

'Luckiest city' offers lottery tickets for donations

Are you feeling lucky? Donors who give cash to the city of Ube in Yamaguchi Prefecture are being rewarded with unconventional thank-you gifts: lottery tickets. Since November, Ube has been sending stacks of tickets to well-wishers who make a contribution to city coffers through ...

Dec 16, 2014

Nippon Foundation donates ferry to Palau

The Tokyo-based nonprofit organization Nippon Foundation has donated a small passenger ferry to the Pacific island nation of Palau after one sank in a typhoon in December 2012. The Nippon Maru II will run between Palau’s most populous state of Koror and Peleliu Island, ...

First lady Akie Abe donates books to U.N. school in New York

Nov 18, 2014

First lady Akie Abe donates books to U.N. school in New York

The United Nations International School on Monday received 42 books in Japanese donated by first lady Akie Abe. They will be made available to the 100 or so students studying the language at the school’s Manhattan campus. Ambassador to the U.N. Motohide Yoshikawa told ...

Sep 17, 2014

Japan to donate over $10 million to Iraqi, Syrian refugees

Japan plans to donate more than $10 million through international organizations to Iraqi and Syrian refugees displaced by the Islamic State militant group, sources with knowledge of Japan-U.S. relations said on Tuesday. The Abe administration sees the humanitarian aid as its contribution to the ...