'Comfort women' issue refuses to go away

| Oct 27, 2014

'Comfort women' issue refuses to go away

by Reiji Yoshida

“Comfort women,” as Japan refers to the females who were forced into sexual servitude for the nation’s wartime forces, have been a constant source of controversy since the early 1990s, when the media started to take a serious look at their ordeal. These women ...

Oct 21, 2014

S. Korea calls for 'transparency' in Japan's defense revision

South Korea’s top security official told his Japanese counterpart Tuesday that Japan’s ongoing revision of defense cooperation guidelines with the United States “should reflect neighboring countries’ concerns and be carried out in a transparent way,” the South Korean presidential office said. Kim Kwan-jin, chief ...

'Comfort women' recount wartime ordeals

Oct 11, 2014

'Comfort women' recount wartime ordeals

Three women forced to work in Japan’s wartime military brothels have been speaking out about their ordeals, saying the world should never forget what they went through. In recent interviews, the Indonesian, Filipina and Korean women repeated that they were the victims of systematic ...

Oct 9, 2014

The dangers of intolerance

Two universities in Japan have received letter threats that nail-laden bombs will go off on their campuses if they don't dismiss two instructors who formerly reported on the "comfort women" controversy for the Asahi Shimbun.