Japan's planes, trains, ships harnessing big data

Feb 6, 2017

Japan's planes, trains, ships harnessing big data

Transportation firms are tapping into big data to improve the safety of their services, with the collection of information hoped to detect mechanical problems before they occur. In other industries, big data have begun to play a larger role in understanding consumer tastes or ...

Jun 26, 2016

METI urges local policymakers to tap big data

An increasing number of towns, cities and prefectures are tapping into the reams of big data being collected by the central government and private firms to revitalize their economies. The data, including information on population distributions, company locations and tourist movements, have been rendered ...

Big data used to support marriage hunting in Japan

Dec 31, 2015

Big data used to support marriage hunting in Japan

Regional local governments are increasingly utilizing big data, or huge sets of diverse digital information, to support matchmaking services, with some aiming to stem the exodus of young people to cities. Under one system, the Ehime Prefecture Government has compiled information on participants taking ...

/ Jun 9, 2015

Japan manufacturers lagging in use of IT, report says

Japan’s manufacturing sector is lagging behind other countries in utilizing information technology, according to an annual government report that called for improvements. The report, released Tuesday, also urged the industry, which accounts for some 20 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, to take ...