Oct 26, 2014

Government to provide big biz data to municipalities

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government will supply big data to prefectural and municipal governments to support their efforts to halt population outflows and help revive local economies, informed sources said. Releasing such a huge amount of electronic data is intended to assist local governments ...

Aug 27, 2014

Agency plans big data survey to gauge foreign tourists' needs

The Japan Tourism Agency plans to use big data to conduct a survey on foreign tourists’ behavior so that local governments and tourism industries can develop tours and events that meet their needs, NHK reported Wednesday. For foreign visitors who agreed to cooperate, the ...

Jul 31, 2014

Privacy rights and 'big data'

The government is moving to expedite the use of massive amounts of personal data — collected online or otherwise from a variety of sources — for commercial purposes on condition that the data is processed to ensure anonymity of the information.

Feb 13, 2014

Disease study looks to big data

Researchers in Japan will trawl through huge amounts of data to search for possible precursors to Alzheimer’s disease in a bid to identify who might develop the brain-degenerating condition that affects millions around the world. The study, which involves the health care arm of ...

Dec 24, 2013

Major computer makers enhancing Big Data services

Major computer makers, including Fujitsu Ltd. and NEC Corp., are enhancing their services for Big Data, meaning data collected very rapidly in large volumes from a variety of sources. Because Big Data services are seen as limitless and expected to achieve high growth, the ...

Aug 19, 2013

'Big data' becoming big business

IT companies expect bigger profits for various industries thanks to the analysis of 'big data.' But is enough attention being paid to protecting people's privacy

Aug 3, 2013

JR sells commuters' data

East Japan Railway's practice of selling statistical data from customers' prepaid train pass cards to market researchers should be stopped unless card users can opt out.