Dengue fever case suspected in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward


The health ministry says that a case of dengue fever is now suspected in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward, relatively far from the suspected epicenter of a recent outbreak of the disease.

A woman in her 20s from Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, was bitten by a mosquito at Sumida Park on the afternoon of Sept. 14, the ministry said.

She began to show symptoms of the mosquito-borne tropical disease on Sept. 19 and remains hospitalized. She has not traveled overseas recently, nor visited Yoyogi Park or other places in Tokyo where other infections happened.

Sumida Park straddles the Sumida River, which separates Sumida and Taito wards in central Tokyo. The woman visited the section of the park in Sumida Ward.

On Thursday, the ministry confirmed another case involving a woman in her 40s who lives in Tokyo and is believed to have been infected with the virus in Yoyogi Park.

The number of people infected with dengue fever has reached 144 since the first domestically transmitted case in nearly 70 years was confirmed in August, the ministry said.

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