Toshiro Hasegawa

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Feb 23, 2016

As overseas investors flee Japan, BlackRock places bets

As foreign investors flee Tokyo stocks, the world’s largest asset manager says the move by the Bank of Japan that spooked the market will be one of the main things that pushes it back up. BlackRock Inc. is bullish on Japanese shares even after ...

| Oct 23, 2015

Postal IPO hype said sign of public shift to equities

Appetite for the world’s biggest equity listing this year shows the interest of a group that could swallow it more than 600 times over: stock-averse Japanese households. While the initial public offerings of Japan Post Holdings Co. and its banking and insurance units may ...

| Jul 21, 2015

Japan's pension fund backs in so-called shame gauge

Japan’s pension fund is so big that a $13.5 billion investment barely makes the footnotes. Yet there, in the back of the retirement manager’s annual report, lies good news for the nation’s so-called shame gauge. The $1.1 trillion Government Pension Investment Fund had 11 ...