G8 ministers to meet Third World leaders

Japan is inviting representatives of two groups of developing nations to meet Group of Eight (G8) foreign ministers during their July 12-13 meeting in Miyazaki, government sources said Sunday.

The two groups are the Conference of Non-Aligned Nations, comprising 112 nations and the Palestinian authority, and the Group of Seven (G7), which gathers 133 Third World nations, they said.

The idea is to listen to opinions of developing nations on detrimental aspects of globalization and the imbalance in information technology between rich and poor nations, ahead of the summit in Okinawa Prefecture from July 21 to 23.

As the host of the G8 meeting, Japanese Foreign Minister Yohei Kono will invite the foreign ministers of Nigeria, which chairs the G7, and South Africa, which chairs the Conference of Non-Aligned Nations, the sources said.

The foreign ministers of Colombia and Bangladesh, the previous and next chairs of the nonaligned nations, are also expected to attend.