Moneylender, three women indicted over fake marriages


The Urawa District Public Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday indicted moneylender Shigeru Yagi and three women on charges of arranging bogus marriages by forging authentic deeds.

Yagi and the three women, who are all believed to be on intimate terms with the businessman, are suspected of having been involved in murder and attempted murder for insurance benefits, according to investigators.

As well as Yagi, 50, of Honjo, Saitama Prefecture, the women indicted were named as Mayumi Take, 32, an employee of a restaurant; Takako Morita, 38, a former employee of a financing company; and Analie Sato Kawamura, 34, a Filipino employee of a snack bar.

Following the prosecutors’ action on Saturday, Honjo police intend to file new arrest warrants against the four today on suspicion of attempting to murder former house painter Fujimi Kawamura, 38, for insurance money, police sources said.

Police also intend to question the four about the untimely death of Akira Morita in 1998. Morita, 61, was a former pachinko parlor employee.

According to investigators, Yagi, in conspiracy with the three women, arranged false marriages between Akira Morita and Takako Morita in 1997, and also between Fujimi Kawamura and Analie Sato Kawamura in 1998.