Mobile phones top fixed lines

Mobile phone subscribers in Japan outnumber fixed-line subscribers, ending the more than century-long role of conventional phones as the main telecommunications tool, according to data released by mobile phone operators.

Subscribers to mobile phones, including cellular phones, car telephones and personal handy-phone systems, totaled 56.72 million at the end of last month.

The figure compared with an estimated 55.66 million subscribers to fixed-line phones operated by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corp. and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corp.

435 goo users’ info leaked in signature mixup glitch

User information, including IDs and passwords of 435 free e-mail users at goo, one of the nation’s most popular portal sites, was mistakenly leaked to other users, site operator NTT-ME Information Xing Inc. said Friday.

Receiving notification from a user on April 1, the site operator found that the information on the 435 members had got mixed in the signature entry of e-mail sent by 69 other users, the company said.

The information leak came to the surface only six days after the company switched its user data base to a new updated, expanded system, the company said.

The portal site has a powerful search engine boasting 11 million hits per day.

The number of registered users of the free e-mail service has rapidly increased since last year, exceeding 1 million on Feb. 27, according to the carrier.