Mar 31, 2015

Tokyo governor to undergo hip surgery

Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe said Tuesday he will check into a hospital Wednesday to undergo hip joint surgery and stay there for a month. Masuzoe told a news conference that after a chronic backache worsened, he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his left hip. ...

Tokyo's 'absurd' emergency fuel stockpile system to be overhauled

Mar 4, 2015

Tokyo's 'absurd' emergency fuel stockpile system to be overhauled

Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe said the capital’s system of stockpiling fuel reserves for emergencies will be overhauled following the discovery that more than ¥300 million worth of fuel purchased from oil retailer associations under the system was not actually being stored. Masuzoe told a ...

Dec 25, 2014

Corporate tax break for exiting Tokyo worries Masuzoe

Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe is concerned about the central government’s proposal to offer tax breaks to companies that move their headquarters out of the capital and other big cities. “I wonder if lower corporate tax rates are an effective incentive for companies to relocate ...

Dec 16, 2014

Fukushima makes pitch to host some 2020 Olympic events

Fukushima Gov. Masao Uchibori on Tuesday told the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that the Tohoku prefecture hopes to host some of the preliminary events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to showcase its recovery from the 2011 nuclear accident. “We need to set a goal so ...

Diplomat doing his part to sell Tokyo 2020

Dec 1, 2014

Diplomat doing his part to sell Tokyo 2020

by Kenta Koyanagi

Akio Miyajima, a career diplomat handpicked by Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe to head the capital’s foreign affairs activities in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, aims to promote Tokyo as a resilient city. Masuzoe, who has been pushing active capital-to-capital diplomacy, ...

Sep 12, 2014

¥1.4 billion in Senkaku donations left unused in Tokyo's coffers

About ¥1.4 billion collected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to purchase some of the disputed Senkaku Islands off Taiwan has not been used, metropolitan government sources said Friday. In April 2012, then Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara proposed purchasing the uninhabited islets in the East ...