Aug 8, 2014

China imposes new restrictions on instant messaging tools: Xinhua

China will force real-name registrations on public accounts of instant messaging tools and require those wishing to publish or reprint political news to seek prior approval, state media and Tencent Holdings Ltd said on Thursday.Last year, China launched a campaign to clamp down on ...

Apr 27, 2014

Public Wi-Fi access slowly increasing in Japan

Japanese public transportation operators are broadening wireless Internet access services at train stations and on airplanes in line with widespread use of smartphones and in response to strong requests from foreign tourists.Japan Airlines began to offer an onboard Internet access service via Wi-Fi wireless ...

The digital pioneer who became a Web rebel

Mar 23, 2013

The digital pioneer who became a Web rebel

Jaron Lanier is that rarest of rare birds — an uber-geek who is highly critical of the world created by the technology he helped to create. Now 52, he first came to prominence in the 1980s as a pioneer in the field of “virtual ...