Many aging U.S. water systems are failing

Sep 27, 2015

Many aging U.S. water systems are failing

Deep inside a 70-year-old water-treatment plant, drinking water for Iowa’s capital city is cleansed of harmful nitrates that come from the state’s famously rich farmland. Without Des Moines Water Works, the central Iowa region of 500,000 people that it serves wouldn’t have a thriving ...

Aug 28, 2015

Water use plummets in drought-plagued California

Mandatory water-saving measures in place to fight California’s historic drought have produced a sizable drop in consumption over the past two months, regulators said Thursday. The measures have been far-reaching, and the state’s 38 million residents are only allowed to water their lawns on ...

Aug 14, 2015

Cash pours in for water-saving shower head

A superefficient shower fixture that reduces water waste by 70 percent is gaining enthusiastic backing from some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names, reaping some $1.38 million in just two days. The startup, Nebia, based in the drought-ravaged state of California, promises to revolutionize the ...