Nov 28, 2016

BBC, VOA reporters held in southeast Turkey amid crackdown

Turkish authorities detained two reporters working for foreign news organizations in southeast Turkey, the latest journalists taken into custody as part of the government’s sweeping crackdown following a failed coup in July. BBC Turkish correspondent Hatice Kamer was detained Saturday in the town of ...

Nov 14, 2016

Turkey expels French reporter

A French reporter was expelled from Turkey on Sunday after being detained near the Syrian border in the country’s southeast, his employers said. “Our journalist, Olivier Bertrand, is free, he is on the plane for Paris,” the online news media Les Jours announced on ...

Erdogan derailing Turkey's promising future

Nov 8, 2016

Erdogan derailing Turkey's promising future


“In Turkey, we are progressively putting behind bars all people who take the liberty of voicing even the slightest criticism of the government,” wrote author Orhan Pamuk, Turkey’s first Nobel Prize winner. “Freedom of thought no longer exists. We are distancing ourselves at high ...

In dawn assault, Iraqi special forces near Mosul from east

Oct 31, 2016

In dawn assault, Iraqi special forces near Mosul from east

Iraqi special forces advanced on the Islamic State-held city of Mosul from the east on Monday, taking heavy fire but inching closer to the city’s limits. Car bombers are trying to stop the advance, but the troops, just 3 km from Mosul’s eastern outskirts, ...