Mar 24, 2016

Japan to raise speed limit to 120 kph on some expressways

The maximum possible speed limit on the country’s major expressways will be raised from 100 kph to 120 kph, it was announced Thursday, marking the first increase since the 1963 opening of Japan’s first highway. Trucks and other large freight vehicles will not be ...

Mar 8, 2016

Japan to increase ports for calls by cruise liners

The transport ministry said Monday it plans to increase the number of ports that can be visited by large cruise ships to 14 to 15 from seven in 2015. The ministry also aims to realize visits to Hakata port in Fukuoka Prefecture and other ...

Delivery failures dog parcel firms

Nov 15, 2015

Delivery failures dog parcel firms


Missing a package delivery is usually not a problem when one can easily go online or call to request redelivery. But as online shopping rapidly grows, such customer conveniences have become problematic for delivery companies, truck drivers and society as a whole. In late ...

Testing of airport body scanners begins at Kansai International

Oct 15, 2015

Testing of airport body scanners begins at Kansai International

The transport ministry has begun operational testing of body scanners that can detect foreign objects or metal hidden under clothing at Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture. The testing is part of the government’s efforts to strengthen anti-terrorism measures ahead of an anticipated increase ...

Sep 25, 2015

230 diesel Volkswagen cars thought to be privately imported to Japan

Up to 230 diesel-powered passenger cars made by Germany’s Volkswagen AG have been imported privately to Japan, transport minister Akihiro Ota said Friday. The transport ministry will consider what to do with them, Ota told a news conference following revelations that the automaker had ...

Police raid transport ministry offices after bribery arrests

Sep 24, 2015

Police raid transport ministry offices after bribery arrests

The Metropolitan Police Department raided the transport ministry on Thursday, following the previous day’s arrest of a transport ministry official and another man on bribery charges. The arrested are Ryuya Kawamura, 39, chief of the Flight Standards Division of the Civil Aviation Bureau, and ...