Jul 7, 2014

Japan-EU free trade talks enter sixth round

Tariff cuts and the opening of the Japanese railway sector are expected to be at the heart of the sixth round of free trade talks with the European Union that began Monday in Tokyo. The talks through Friday are the first since the EU decided ...

Japan, U.S. resume bilateral TPP talks before Ottawa meeting

/ Jun 30, 2014

Japan, U.S. resume bilateral TPP talks before Ottawa meeting

Talks with the United States aimed at narrowing remaining differences over a Pacific free trade pact resumed Monday in Tokyo. Officials from all 12 negotiating members are gathering in Canada later this week. The two biggest economies in the Trans-Pacific Partnership framework will discuss tariffs on ...

/ | Jun 13, 2014

Details of JA-Zenchu reform left unclear


Will the core entity of Japan's monster agricultural conglomerate survive mounting public criticism of its huge vested interests? That question remained unanswered Friday as a deregulation panel submitted a policy recommendation to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that includes a call to reform the Central Union ...

/ Oct 21, 2013

Japan hits EU over nontariff trade barriers

Japan has criticized European Union regulations on chemical products and beverage containers as nontariff barriers that impede smooth trade and urged it to take corrective measures, an EU source said. This is the first time Japan has demanded specific EU action in their free trade ...