Feb 24, 2014

NRA experts split over fault

Experts from the Nuclear Regulation Authority were split Monday over whether a fault under Tohoku Electric Power Co.’s Higashidori nuclear power plant in Aomori Prefecture is active. During talks based on on-site inspections conducted by the NRA last year, some expressed understanding of the ...

Jul 4, 2011

The risks of 'disaster nationalism'


A common sight seen throughout Japan these days are signs that read Ganbaro Nippon (translated “Don’t give up Japan”). It has become the battle cry among Japanese for dealing with the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake-triggered disasters. In a country united by shared ...

Jun 19, 2011

Opinion article at war with itself

In his June 14 article, “Japan gropes for leadership,” Kazuo Ogoura writes in tautologies and paradoxes. He asserts that Japan has built a “safe and efficient society” by concentrating on safety and efficiency, yet he insists that this effort has left Japan, “vulnerable to ...