Dec 16, 2014

Microsoft's Skype moves toward auto-translation

Microsoft announced Monday a new step toward real-time translation, launching a Spanish-English test program using its Skype messaging service. “Today, we are excited to announce the first phase of the Skype Translator preview program,” said Microsoft’s Gurdeep Pall. “The preview program will kick off ...

New tech brings cinema to the deaf and blind

Nov 1, 2014

New tech brings cinema to the deaf and blind

by Masami Ito

The lights dimmed inside the theater at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the audience quieted down. As Masayuki Suo’s film “Maiko wa Lady (Lady Maiko)” began, the viewers were ready — with glasses-shaped head-mounted displays and earpieces designed to make cinema accessible to ...

Sep 21, 2014

New smartphone app gives sight to the blind

Jonathan Mosen, who has been blind since birth, spent a recent evening snapping photos of packages in the mail, his son’s school report and labels on bottles in the fridge. In seconds, he was listening to audio of the printed words the camera had ...

Internet fraud takes a turn for the strange

| Sep 13, 2014

Internet fraud takes a turn for the strange

by Akky Akimoto

Two widely reported Web stories this year have been related to online-services fraud. One concerns online banking, the other account-hacking on a smartphone messenger service. If you use the online services of Japanese banks, you may have noticed that their websites have become decorated ...

Jul 20, 2014

Switzerland tops innovation rankings for fourth year

Switzerland has claimed the top spot on the Global Innovation Index for the fourth straight year while Sub-Saharan Africa “posted significant regional improvement.” The annual rankings, which this year focused on the role people play in the innovation process, found that Switzerland and other ...

Jun 6, 2014

Amazon's drone dream sparks race for better sensor

by Thomas Black

In the quest to build drones that can enable companies such as Amazon to make door-to-door deliveries, engineers are racing to overcome a fundamental challenge: helping unmanned, suitcase-sized aircraft see where they’re going. The answer is developing sensors that are smart enough to keep ...

Miami looks to become America's next tech hot spot

May 6, 2014

Miami looks to become America's next tech hot spot

Famed for its beaches, cruises and cafecitos, South Florida is now angling to become one of the next U.S. tech hot spots by leveraging its role as the gateway to Latin America and luring northern entrepreneurs with cheap living costs and lots of sun. ...