/ Jan 26, 2017

Facebook fine-tunes trending topics to better deliver news

Under pressure to stymie the spread of fake news, Facebook changed its system for showing trending topics on Wednesday.The leading social network said that instead of simply showing a topic, it will include headlines from articles about the trending subjects along with sources publishing ...

/ Feb 25, 2016

One-third of U.S. tech innovators are immigrants: study

More than one-third of America’s technology “innovators” are foreign-born, according to a study released Wednesday that debunks many commonly held beliefs about the sector.Immigrants make up 35.5 percent of U.S. innovators — defined as people who make “meaningful and marketable innovations” to tech-related industries, ...

U.S. scientists make tiny invisibility cloak

/ Sep 18, 2015

U.S. scientists make tiny invisibility cloak

U.S. scientists have invented a tiny invisibility cloak, edging ever closer to a real version of what has until now been a staple of science fiction, researchers said Thursday.The cloak, described in the journal Science, is microscopic in size but could conceivably be scaled ...

New self-driving Google cars plying Silicon Valley roads

/ Jun 26, 2015

New self-driving Google cars plying Silicon Valley roads

The latest models of Google’s self-driving cars are now cruising the streets near the Internet company’s Silicon Valley headquarters in a test of how they work around other vehicles driven by people.It’s the first time that the pod-like, two-seat vehicles have been allowed on ...