Mar 12, 2015

NISA investments swell but still not on pace to reach target

Savers held ¥3 trillion in Japan’s temporarily tax-free investment accounts at the end of the program’s first year, the Financial Services Agency said in a statement on its website. That total at the end of December was up from ¥1.6 trillion at the end ...

Mar 3, 2015

Securities firms focusing on junior NISA

A junior version of the Nippon Individual Savings Account, a tax-free small-investment system modeled on Britain’s Individual Savings Account program, is attracting attention from the brokerage industry in Japan. A junior NISA system will allow grandparents and parents to transfer their financial assets to ...

Jul 15, 2014

TSE to reduce tick sizes for certain stocks

Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc. will reduce tick sizes next Tuesday for certain major issues on the first section to make trading easier and increase volume. The bourse operator previously reduced tick sizes, the smallest increment by which a stock can move, for certain expensive ...

Goldman's buybacks hit highest of year amid slide

May 27, 2013

Goldman's buybacks hit highest of year amid slide

by Lu Wang

Investors trying to explain the resilience of American equities during a global selloff may want to consider the pace that companies are repurchasing shares. About 79 percent of buyback orders at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s corporate trading desk were active Friday, the most this ...