Oct 30, 2015

Waseda to strip biologist Obokata of doctorate

Waseda University in Tokyo is set to revoke the doctoral degree of Haruko Obokata, the biologist who rocked the scientific community by fabricating data during highly touted research on stem cells, sources familiar with the matter said Friday.The former Riken researcher was last October ...

/ Sep 17, 2014

Obokata's mentor admits STAP cell creation not easy

Charles Vacanti, a Harvard University professor and key co-author of retracted STAP cell articles, and his fellow Japanese researcher have published a revised method for producing pluripotent stem cells.“We made a significant mistake in our original declaration that the (previous) protocol was ‘easy’ to ...

Suicide of STAP paper co-author jolts researchers at Riken

Aug 11, 2014

Suicide of STAP paper co-author jolts researchers at Riken

Researchers at the Riken institute’s Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) are reeling from the recent suicide of Yoshiki SasaiSasai was deputy director at the center and played a central role in writing the controversial STAP cell papers that were subsequently retracted from a prestigious ...