May 26, 2015

Suspicion taints war dead from Philippines


The remains of some 15,000 Japanese soldiers who died in the Philippines during World War II continue to lie in undignified government storage after the media raised suspicions five years ago that the deceased include those of local residents obtained by profiteering grave robbers.

Dec 16, 2014

Iraq reports 2,700 missing since June jihadist onslaught

At least 2,700 people, mostly soldiers, are missing as a result of attacks by the Islamic State group in Iraq, the human rights ministry said on Monday. More than half of those registered as missing by the government are soldiers who were at the ...

Nov 3, 2014

Mexico charges seven soldiers in deaths of 22 suspected gang members

Mexico has charged three soldiers with murder and four with dereliction of duty over the deaths of 22 suspected gang members who died in an army confrontation in June, prosecutors said Sunday. Prosecutors had initially accepted the army’s account that the suspected gang members ...

Sep 3, 2014

Two S. Korean soldiers suffocate during captivity training

Two South Korean special operations soldiers collapsed and died during training Tuesday night, the military said Wednesday. The two staff sergeants, in their early 20s and identified by their family names of Lee and Cho, apparently suffocated during a training exercise that aimed to ...

Ukraine says detained Russian soldiers were on 'special mission'

Aug 26, 2014

Ukraine says detained Russian soldiers were on 'special mission'

Ukraine said on Tuesday its forces had captured a group of Russian paratroopers who had crossed into Ukrainian territory on a “special mission” — but Moscow said they had ended up there by mistake. The Ukrainian military meanwhile reported pro-Russian separatist forces were shelling ...

Feb 18, 2014

LDP wants government in charge of retrieving troops' bodies

A panel belonging to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has mapped out an action plan on the retrieval of remains of Japanese soldiers who died overseas in the last war, seeking legislation to oblige the government to do the work. The legislation, which will ...

Scholar aims to unravel Japanese remains issue

Oct 10, 2013

Scholar aims to unravel Japanese remains issue


Naoki Mizuno, a Kyoto University professor, is hoping to shed light on the Japanese who died in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula around the end of World War II and remain buried there. “The issue is a result of Japan’s (colonial rule ...