Apr 11, 2017

China punishes official for not daring to smoke near Muslims

Authorities in China’s restive Xinjiang region have punished a local official for declining to smoke in front of Muslim elders, seeing that as a sign he was insufficiently committed to the region’s fight against religious extremism, according to a government report and state media ...

Smoking ban to cover small 'izakaya,' yakitori eateries

/ Feb 26, 2017

Smoking ban to cover small 'izakaya,' yakitori eateries

A smoking ban the health ministry plans to impose on most restaurants will cover small izakaya (taverns) and yakitori eateries, informed sources said. The amending the health promotion law, the ministry aims to prohibit indoor smoking at bars and restaurants. Faced with strong opposition ...

Feb 24, 2017

Efforts to stop passive smoking

The government's plan to tighten rules against smoking in public areas falls woefully short of what's needed to curb the health risks posed by secondhand smoke.

| Feb 13, 2017

Let's discuss bans on smoking

The health ministry is considering a legal revision banning smoking in public areas to help bring Japan's battle against secondhand smoke in line with the global standard ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.