Dec 18, 2014

Survey finds teens trending toward e-cigarettes

More U.S. teens are trying out e-cigarettes than the real thing, according to the government’s annual drug use survey. Researchers were surprised at how many 8th-, 10th- and 12th-graders reported using electronic cigarettes this year, even as regular smoking by teens dropped to new ...

E-cigarettes could prime brain for harder drugs

Dec 6, 2014

E-cigarettes could prime brain for harder drugs

by Gene Emeryt

Like conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes may function as a “gateway drug” that can prime the brain to be more receptive to harder drugs, U.S. researchers recently announced. The findings add to the debate about the risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes, the increasingly popular ...

Oct 24, 2014

U.S. tobacco giant Reynolds bans smoking in its offices

The second largest tobacco producer in the United States, Reynolds American said Thursday it will ban smoking in all indoor office spaces, bowing to smoke-free social norms. The manufacturer of Pall Mall and Camel cigarettes said smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes in conference rooms ...

Oct 23, 2014

Camel maker Reynolds snuffs out workplace smoking

Camel cigarette maker Reynolds American Inc. is snuffing out smoking in its offices and buildings. Beginning next year, the use of cigarettes, cigars or pipes will no longer be permitted in the company’s offices, conference rooms and elevators. Lighting up already is prohibited on ...

Sep 12, 2014

South Korea to hike cigarette price by 80%

South Korea on Thursday proposed a steep 80 percent hike in cigarette prices to cut consumption in a nation with one of the world’s highest male smoking rates. The decision requires parliamentary approval, but Health Minister Moon Hyung-pyo said it was necessary to counter ...