Jul 29, 2015

Rider of brakeless bike is first to get safety course summons

Osaka’s public safety commission will order a 29-year-old man to attend a bicycle safety lecture after repeated road violations, in the first such case following a legal revision last month, police said Wednesday. The man, a resident of Osaka’s Taisho Ward, was given traffic ...

Apr 28, 2015

Takata air bags linked to 105 injuries, 6 deaths: U.S. lawmaker

Takata Corp. has expanded the number of alleged incidents related to its defective car air bags to 105 injuries and six deaths, a U.S. lawmaker said Monday. Takata recently provided updated information to the U.S. Senate Commerce Department, said Bill Nelson, the ranking member ...

South Korea's tallest skyscraper rises in cloud of fear

Mar 13, 2015

South Korea's tallest skyscraper rises in cloud of fear

At 92, the man who built South Korea’s biggest retail empire is finally making his mark in the Seoul skyline as the country’s tallest tower takes shape — just as public faith in corporate giants crumbles into safety fears and mistrust. Shin Kyuk-ho first ...

Modeling the zombie apocalypse: Head for the hills

Mar 5, 2015

Modeling the zombie apocalypse: Head for the hills

Americans living in the Rockies stand a better chance of dodging a zombie apocalypse than their urban counterparts. Cities would fall quickly, suggests the “large-scale exact stochastic dynamical simulation of a zombie outbreak” from Cornell University in New York state. But it would take ...

Mar 2, 2015

Deadly bacteria released from U.S. high-security lab

U.S. officials in Louisiana are investigating how a dangerous and often deadly bacteria got out of a high-security laboratory at a research facility, USA Today reported on Sunday. Authorities told the newspaper there was no risk to the public, though the extent of the ...

Feb 26, 2015

Takata to save faulty air bag inflators for litigation, U.S. probe

A U.S. safety regulator on Wednesday ordered Takata Corp. to preserve all air bag inflators removed through a recall process as evidence for a federal investigation and private litigation cases. It was the first time the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an agency of ...