Jun 26, 2016

METI urges local policymakers to tap big data

An increasing number of towns, cities and prefectures are tapping into the reams of big data being collected by the central government and private firms to revitalize their economies.The data, including information on population distributions, company locations and tourist movements, have been rendered more ...

Jan 12, 2015

Local initiatives key in revitalization

This will be an important year for local governments across Japan as the Abe administration pushes the revitalization of the nation's regional economies. Given the dire demographic situation, it's not clear when local government leaders will get another chance to realize this goal.

Jan 4, 2015

Revitalizing rural parts of Japan

There seems to be a basic discrepancy between the Abe administration's direction in its employment policy and what its regional revitalization program is aiming for.