Mar 10, 2014

Panel urges yearly goal of 1.7% growth at GPIF

The world’s largest pension fund should aim for yearly returns of 1.7 percent plus the rate of wage growth, a government advisory panel reiterated. The ¥128.6 trillion Government Pension Investment Fund should adopt that goal as it is suitable under all eight scenarios envisaged ...

Mar 3, 2014

Detroit bankruptcy prods other cities to target pensions

Local officials in at least 10 states are trying to cut pensions of municipal workers, or eliminate defined-benefit plans, pointing to Detroit as a symbol of the peril of growing retirement costs. From New York to California, mayors and county officials are asking legislatures, ...

| Nov 3, 2013

Pensions will pay, but only after 25 years

by Ryoko Minagawa

One reader wrote to Lifelines with a question regarding pensions: I’m a part-time English university instructor, now working at two Tokyo universities. In nine years, I will be 70 and, as it stands today, should anticipate being forced to retire. I will still have ...

Oct 27, 2013

Spanish jobless rely on pensioners in order to survive

After a career spent repairing trains, Francisco Marcos Gallego once thought he and his wife would end their days in comfort. Instead they are struggling to support their unemployed son and his children. “Even if it is hard, as long as I am alive, ...

Miyazaki vows he won't be idle in retirement

Sep 6, 2013

Miyazaki vows he won't be idle in retirement

by Tomohiro Osaki

Hayao Miyazaki, the retiring czar of Japanese animation, said Friday that while he will no longer be at the forefront of creating feature-length animated movies, he will be a “freed man” pursuing his own interests as long as he can. “I know I made ...