Nov 25, 2016

SDF recruitment flyers cast doubt on defense minister, highlight gender

A public relations branch of the Self-Defense Forces in Akita Prefecture is retracting recruitment flyers that describe Defense Minister Tomomi Inada as unreliable and highlight her gender, SDF officials said. The A4-size advertisement made by an SDF member based Odate reads: “Defense Minister Inada ...

Oct 3, 2016

Leading firms unleash job offers to students, new grads

A number of top firms held ceremonies Monday to give university students and graduates informal employment offers next spring. Many companies began their ceremonies Monday after being green-lighted to issue the informal offers starting Saturday. At Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.’s ceremony in Tokyo, President ...

Japan Inc. hiring grads via online interviews

Aug 4, 2016

Japan Inc. hiring grads via online interviews


Corporate Japan is looking to conduct job interviews online in a move that could benefit both companies and job seekers. For job-hunting college students in rural areas, going to interviews in Tokyo, where the major companies are concentrated, is not easy: the transportation and ...

Job-hunting season kicks off for university students in Japan

Mar 1, 2016

Job-hunting season kicks off for university students in Japan

Amid a lingering labor shortage at Japanese companies, the job-hunting season for university students due to graduate next spring began Tuesday, with company information sessions being held nationwide. Experts said that as many companies are showing a willingness to hire, students will benefit from ...

Dec 8, 2015

Keidanren changes recruitment guidelines again, pushes June start

Keidanren has released new guidelines for the 2016 university graduate recruitment system, calling on member companies to start interviews and other components of the selection process in June — two months earlier than this year. The country’s biggest business lobby is also calling on ...

Oct 25, 2015

Job recruiters might come knocking in June, not August: Keidanren

Keidanren might let member firms start recruiting university prospects in June rather than August, allowing them to target students set to graduate in spring 2017, informed sources said Sunday. The proposal comes after the nation’s largest business lobby, also known as the Japan Business ...