/ Jun 8, 2013

Yao mayor rejects proposal for Osprey drills

Seita Tanaka, mayor of Yao, Osaka Prefecture, on Friday rejected a proposal by Osaka Gov. Ichiro Matsui to transfer some training flights of the Okinawa-based U.S. MV-22 Osprey aircraft to the airport in his city. In their meeting at Yao City Hall, Matsui, secretary-general ...

Hashimoto to Abe: Fly Ospreys at Yao

/ Jun 7, 2013

Hashimoto to Abe: Fly Ospreys at Yao


Osaka Mayor and Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) co-leader Toru Hashimoto proposed to the central government Thursday that some MV-22 Osprey flight drills be conducted at Yao Airport in Osaka Prefecture. “We in local government can’t judge whether or not Yao could ...

Jun 12, 2011

A life in the coal mines

This May brought unexpected news of the selection by UNESCO of annotated paintings and diaries by Sakubei Yamamoto of life in the Japanese coal mines for entry in its Memory of the World Register. The Memory of the World Program was begun in 1992 ...