Dec 25, 2013

Consumers still falling for shady websites

Consumer complaints over online merchants selling fake brand products and fraudulent Internet banking services continue running high in Japan, prodding police to take action in concert with providers of computer security software. The National Police Agency said it received around 29,113 requests for consultations ...

Service delivers famed ramen to the home

Oct 30, 2013

Service delivers famed ramen to the home

by Asako Takaguchi

You no longer have to travel far and wide to try ramen or dishes from popular restaurants that are much talked about. On, run Gourmet Innovation Co., you can find ramen with miso, soy sauce or “tonkotsu” pork bone broth among other varieties ...

Jul 27, 2013

Modern spice routes

Online cross-border shopping is booming, but Japan seems to be lagging behind in sales on these "modern spice routes" because of problems with English.

Jul 3, 2013

Online retail is clicking in Africa's biggest market

The headquarters for this Internet startup is cheekily nicknamed “Graceland” and its co-founders are young Harvard graduates with grand plans who have rapidly expanded the business over the past year. Silicon Valley? Not even close. This emerging world Internet company, called Jumia, is now ...

Jun 5, 2013

Yahoo to ship fresh Japanese food to Hong Kong shoppers

Yahoo Inc. will start a fresh food shopping service in Hong Kong, opening a website this month to take orders for fruit, beef and marine products from Japan, sources said Tuesday. Using Yamato Holdings Co.’s parcel delivery service and flights by All Nippon Airways ...

Jul 13, 2008

LPG conversions cost too much

I would like to think I am an environmentalist. Japan is one of the leading countries in recycling and reducing emissions. I am proud to live here. Recently I decided to buy a new car. A few on the market are eco-friendly such as ...