Activists to establish a special grave for Tokyo's homeless

Jan 8, 2015

Activists to establish a special grave for Tokyo's homeless

Activists want to give Tokyo’s homeless people dignity in death. They are raising funds to create a special grave for their ashes rather than the anonymous, communal disposal afforded to people who die without means and mourners. Potential beneficiaries include Shigeru Ikeda, not his ...

Jan 3, 2015

Website names Ecuador as top retirement country

Ecuador has been named the best country to retire in by The South American nation, bordered by Colombia and Peru, topped the website’s annual global retirement index, scoring high points for affordable cost of living, entertainment and amenities. Next on the list were ...

Dec 24, 2014

Oldest man in U.S. dies at 110

A northern Illinois resident recognized as the oldest man in the U.S. has died at 110. The Rockford Register Star reported C. Conrad Johnson died Tuesday. The director of the funeral home handling Johnson’s arrangements also confirmed his death. The Swedish-born Johnson worked as ...

Spoon from Google steadies hand tremors

Nov 27, 2014

Spoon from Google steadies hand tremors

Google is throwing its money, brainpower and technology at the humble spoon. Using hundreds of algorithms, the spoons allow people with essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease to eat without spilling. The technology senses how a hand is shaking and makes instant adjustments to stay ...

Nov 14, 2014

Polish woman 'wakes up' in morgue 11 hours after being pronounced dead

Eleven hours after being declared dead at home, a 91-year-old Polish woman surprised morgue workers when she started moving, public television reported Thursday. Janina Kolkiewicz woke up inside a body bag in a cold chamber at the morgue in eastern Poland last Thursday, according ...

Nov 13, 2014

World's oldest people share no genetic secrets: study

Think the reason some people live beyond the age of 100 is because of their genes? Think again. U.S. scientists said Wednesday that they have found no genetic secrets shared among a group of 17 people who have lived beyond age 110, called supercentenarians. ...