Philippine art village survives Japanese founder

Feb 10, 2015

Philippine art village survives Japanese founder

by Kenichi Iinuma

A retired Japanese nuclear engineer who died of cancer in late December had been promoting a project to create a village for artists on a Philippine island known for witchcraft and mystery. Many young people on Siquijor are unemployed due to the island’s dependence ...

Jan 12, 2015

Solar, nuclear, climate progress possible on Obama India visit

There could be progress on U.S.-India civil nuclear cooperation, solar power and climate change when U.S. President Barack Obama visits India in two weeks, U.S. officials said on Sunday. While stressing there were no guarantees that some of the most vexing economic issues between ...

Aug 24, 2014

Iran claims to have downed Israeli drone near Natanz nuclear site

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards say its forces shot down an Israeli drone as it approached an Iranian nuclear site. The Guards issued a statement on its website saying its forces fired a missile at the drone as it neared its uranium enrichment facility in ...