'Abenomics' exposing sheltered dairy farmers

| Dec 22, 2013

'Abenomics' exposing sheltered dairy farmers

The price of raw milk sold to dairy product makers rose by ¥5 per kg in October as imported cattle feed gets costlier amid the weakening yen. In response, three major milk product makers — Meiji Co., Morinaga Milk Industry Co. and Megmilk Snow ...

| Oct 26, 2013

Stuff kids say; unclear on the concept

Stuff kids say Father: If we all waste water, one day there will be none left. Son: But we can still drink milk. — Akigase Park, Saitama. Overheard by The Japan Times On Sunday Clear on the concept Elderly woman: I don’t know what ...

Oct 25, 2013

Meiji to halt formula sales in China

Meiji Co. said it will stop selling baby formula in China due to rising material costs and intensified competition. “There are so many players in the market,” Junji Ohashi, a spokesman for parent Meiji Holdings Co., said Thursday. “Our sales fell to one-third of ...