OECD urges Japan to promote labor reforms amid 'muted' wage growth

Apr 13, 2017

OECD urges Japan to promote labor reforms amid 'muted' wage growth

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on Thursday called for Japan to promote labor reforms by imposing a binding cap on overtime work and removing obstacles to women’s employment because its job market is tight. Wage growth remains “surprisingly muted” despite labor shortages, ...

Apr 11, 2017

Job offers for graduating students in 2018 up amid labor shortage

More companies are offering jobs to university students on course to graduate next March than the previous year as businesses look to secure their workforce amid a growing labor shortage, a Tokyo-based recruitment company said Tuesday. Among students searching for jobs, 14.8 percent had ...

/ Dec 6, 2016

Labor shortage is worst in least productive industries

Japan’s aging and shrinking population is causing labor shortages that should be helping workers win higher pay. But it’s not working out that way, in part because of low productivity in the areas of the greatest shortage, according to economists including Hideo Kumano at ...

Feb 10, 2015

Wrong way to import workers

If Japan needs foreign workers to fill its manpower needs, the government should consider a new system of accepting such labor on a longer-term basis rather than under the guise of an technical internship program.