Nov 6, 2015

Ioka to defend WBA flyweight title on New Year's Eve

WBA flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka of Japan will make his second title defense on New Year’s Eve, his Ioka Gym announced Friday. The fight at Edion Arena Osaka will be a rematch against Argentina’s Juan Carlos Reveco, whom Ioka defeated on April 22 to ...

Ioka wins first defense of WBA flyweight crown

Sep 27, 2015

Ioka wins first defense of WBA flyweight crown

Kazuto Ioka defeated Argentina’s Roberto Domingo Sosa to successfully defend his WBA flyweight title for the first time with a unanimous decision on Sunday. At Osaka’s Edion Arena, the 26-year-old Ioka outpointed his 10th-ranked, 30-year-old opponent in a 12-round tactical skirmish in which both ...

Aug 6, 2015

WBA flyweight champ Ioka to face Sosa in title defense

Kazuto Ioka will defend his WBA flyweight crown on Sept. 27, his gym said Thursday. Ioka, who has won world titles in three weight classes, will take on Argentina’s Roberto Domingo Sosa at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. “I want to prove myself as the strongest ...

Mar 12, 2015

IBF minimumweight champion Takayama set for title defense on April 22

IBF minimumweight champion Katsunari Takayama announced Thursday he will make his first title defense against Thailand’s Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr in Osaka on April 22. The fight at Osaka’s Bodymaker Colosseum will be part of a world doubleheader, with Kazuto Ioka taking on WBA flyweight ...

Ioka to make title bid at third weight class

Mar 2, 2015

Ioka to make title bid at third weight class

Kazuto Ioka will take on WBA flyweight champion Juan Carlos Reveco in a bid to claim a title at his third weight category on April 22 at Osaka’s Bodymaker Colosseum, the Ioka Boxing Gym announced Monday. “I am going at this like it is ...

Nov 20, 2013

WBA light flyweight champ Ioka to fight on New Year's Eve

Kazuto Ioka will defend his WBA light flyweight title for a third time against fourth-ranked Nicaraguan Felix Alvarado, his gym said Wednesday. The fight will take place at Osaka’s Bodymaker Colosseum on Dec. 31. WBA minimumweight champion Ryo Miyazaki, who is looking to move ...