Local fare on menu at Oita fest

Aug 22, 2013

Local fare on menu at Oita fest

by Magdalena Osumi

To enhance the taste and healthfulness of local delicacies, residents of Oita are said to dip fish in sauce flavored with a locally grown, mildly sour Kabosu lime juice. This weekend, people in Oita will get a chance to savor the summer abundance of ...

Nov 21, 2011

Whose atomic energy agency is it, anyway?

by Ramesh Thakur

The new report from the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, published Nov. 8, is both preposterous and dispiriting. Preposterous, because the IAEA has reinterpreted “old” facts instead of presenting new evidence. Dispiriting, because the reinterpretation may feed the growing ...