/ Sep 25, 2016

Lawmakers urge LDP to withdraw draft constitutional amendments

The major opposition Democratic Party on Sunday urged the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to withdraw its draft constitutional amendments. The draft “makes light of the people’s rights,” party secretary-general and former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said during a televised debate among senior lawmakers from ...

/ Sep 6, 2016

Japanese, Chinese communists clash over nuclear ban

Japanese and Chinese communists fought fiercely over whether to include a ban on nuclear weapons in a joint statement issued at the International Conference of Asian Political Parties in Malaysia last week. During the three-day meeting through Saturday, the Japanese Communist Party insisted on ...

DP chief Okada facing internal pressure to step down

/ Jul 22, 2016

DP chief Okada facing internal pressure to step down

Ahead of an election for the main opposition Democratic Party in September, DP President Katsuya Okada is facing pressure from its conservative members to step down. In his online newsletter on Wednesday, former State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Teruhiko Mashiko urged Okada ...