Oct 7, 2016

Key economic index takes first dip in three months

The coincident index of economic indicators fell for the first time in three months in August, the government said in a preliminary report Friday. The coincident index, which reflects the current state of the economy based on industrial output, retail sales, new job offers ...

Ties improving between Tokyo and Beijing: Vice Premier Zhang

Sep 21, 2016

Ties improving between Tokyo and Beijing: Vice Premier Zhang

Beijing’s relations with Tokyo are improving, and both sides should overcome political differences to expand cooperation, China’s Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli told a mission of more than 200 Japanese businessmen in Beijing on Wednesday. He noted Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister ...

Sep 14, 2016

'Safety net' needed to get young consumers to spend more: economist

Kazuhisa Takemura has an idea for helping Japan’s struggling economy: Entice younger consumers to spend more by providing them a financial and emotional cushion. Takemura, a professor of psychology at Waseda University in Tokyo who focuses on decision theory, says that if younger consumers ...

Sep 13, 2016

Central bank's policies impeding recovery


Central bankers' "central planning" of the financial sector with controlled prices for credit are failing for the same reason as central planners of communist economies failed. It's time to allow financial markets to determine interest rates.