Jul 10, 2014

China plans steps to promote judicial independence, Xinhua says

China will act to promote judicial independence over the next five years with measures including specialized tribunals for environment and intellectual property cases, state media reported Wednesday. President Xi Jinping’s administration has sought to weed out corruption in courts, but critics say the ruling ...

Dec 17, 2013

Is a U.K. breakup in sight?

by Hugh Cortazz

The white paper that the Scottish government has produced in favor of independence is long on aspirations and short on detailed responses to the problems that an independent Scotland would face.

Independent Scotland would keep queen, dump nuclear deterrent

Nov 27, 2013

Independent Scotland would keep queen, dump nuclear deterrent

An independent Scotland would keep the pound and the British monarchy but establish its own defense force, First Minister Alex Salmond said Tuesday as he unveiled detailed proposals ahead of next year’s referendum. Launching his regional government’s long-awaited blueprint for leaving the United Kingdom, ...

Okinawans explore secession option

Jul 11, 2013

Okinawans explore secession option

by Mizuho Aoki

Okinawans are losing patience with Tokyo’s repeated vows to reduce the prefecture’s burden of hosting U.S. military installations and other hollow pledges, and some are seriously looking into the possibility of having the territory secede from Japan. On May 15, the 41st anniversary of ...