Australia battles 50 fires in heat wave; blackout feared

Feb 11, 2017

Australia battles 50 fires in heat wave; blackout feared

Australian emergency services were bracing against “potentially catastrophic” fire conditions on Saturday as firefighters battled nearly 50 blazes in the state of New South Wales, sweltering in a heat wave sweeping the country’s east coast. Weather officials fear temperatures could hit 48 degrees Celsius ...

Sep 5, 2016

Sizzling summer led to temperature, rainfall records across Japan

Japan sizzled under higher than average temperatures between June and August, with Okinawa Prefecture posting a record high, the Meteorological Agency said. Okinawa saw temperatures climb 1.1 degrees higher than average this summer to their highest since record-keeping began in 1946. The average logged ...

Aug 18, 2016

July hottest month in modern times, U.S. agency says

Soaring temperatures worldwide made July the hottest month in modern times, setting a new high mark for global heat in 137 years of record-keeping, U.S. government scientists said Wednesday. The report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration came just two days after the ...

City sets new Indian heat record of 51 C

May 20, 2016

City sets new Indian heat record of 51 C

A city in northern India has shattered the national heat record, registering a searing 51 degrees Celsius — the highest since records began — the national weather office said Friday. The new record in Phalodi, a city in the desert state of Rajasthan, is ...

May 19, 2016

Earth breaks 12th straight monthly heat record

Earth’s heat is stuck on high. Thanks to a combination of global warming and El Nino, the planet shattered monthly heat records for an unprecedented 12th straight month as April smashed the old record by 0.3 degree Celsius, according to U.S. scientists. The National ...