Mar 17, 2015

Riken won't sue Obokata over STAP cell scandal

Riken has decided not to file a criminal complaint against Haruko Obokata, a former researcher at the government-affiliated research institute, over the high-profile STAP cell research scandal. Riken is expected to make a formal decision by the end of this month after approval from ...

Mar 7, 2015

Nobel laureate Noyori to resign as Riken head

Nobel laureate Ryoji Noyori, head of the Riken institute, intends to step down after a difficult year caused by last year’s botched stem cell study, sources close to the matter said. Noyori, 76, won the 2001 Nobel Prize in chemistry and has been president ...

Dec 30, 2014

End of the STAP dream

At the very least, the education ministry, Riken research institute officials and others must determine what went wrong with the dream of STAP cell research and push for drastic change in Japan's research environment.