/ Jul 4, 2014

Kawasaki trio arrested in sex-trafficking of woman

Three people from Kawasaki were under Metropolitan Police Department custody as of Thursday for allegedly trafficking a Filipino woman in May for sexual exploitation. It is the nation’s first sex-trafficking-related arrest, according to police. The police arrested Hisashi Nakamura, 66, who is apparently self-employed, ...

Elderly perked up by Filipino caregiver

Feb 25, 2014

Elderly perked up by Filipino caregiver


Laughter is often heard from some 40 elderly people who receive day care services at a care home in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, thanks to the presence of a Filipino worker. “When I speak in English, grandpas seem delighted,” Charito Ito said, revealing her secret ...

Oct 29, 2013

Filipino-Japanese face integration hurdles

The granting of Japanese citizenship, residency visas or working visas to Filipinos descended from Japanese who migrated to the Philippines in the early 20th century may usher in better lives for them and their families, but not necessarily without hardships and problems. Filipinos of ...